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Would you like to quit living like a galley slave on a boat going nowhere? Do you want to make genuine improvements to the way you experience life? This website is for people who want to pursue Inner Development and do more than just plod through life. Perhaps some of the words I’ve written and the concepts I’ve described here will help push your inner door open—just a bit, enough to see some of what might be possible. My reason for writing these pages is in fulfillment of my purpose in life, which is: Give others who ask for it what I was given.

First, start with this very important definition:

Inner Development is growth and development of the non-physical self, including mental, emotional, and spiritual areas. It’s the “Be All You Can Be” approach to improving your self at the deepest inner levels, and experiencing higher levels of joy and fulfillment in this life.

One of the first and most important steps of inner development is the discovery of your self-nature, which is who you are and what you are at the deepest level of your being, and without the masks and delusions created by your conscious thinking mind.

Indeed, discovery of your own self-nature is typically the first experience of Enlightenment. While there may be many steps and many experiences of enlightening knowledge, a person who has discovered his own self-nature can be truthfully said to be “enlightened.” Knowledge of one’s self-nature is perhaps the most valued prize on the pathway of inner development.

There are many pathways of inner development. My own chosen path is Zen, which is a meditative practice of seeking inwardly to discover one’s self-nature. Subsequent to that, the Zen path leads to receiving spiritual knowledge. Zen is also known as a pathway to discovering an inextinguishable source of inner joy and peace. The primary practice of Zen is a specific form of meditation that entails stilling the conscious mind and creating inner stillness.

Past Life Regression is an interesting, parallel path of inner discovery. It focuses on finding “stories” that are embedded in your deeper mind–for which the origin can’t be proven. One possible explanation is they are memories of past live–yours, or perhaps of someone else. Regardless of the source, the information in those stories may be of great value to you in your present life. Most importantly, discovery of those stories may unlocked mysteries that are relevant and helpful in this life.

All content Copyright 2010-15 by Eduardo Mitchell. Updated November 2015.  Please send your comments about this website to our webmaster, Igor.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

December 2, 2014 at 2:03 pm

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